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Quartz, provided by us, are used in several industrial sectors such as Glassmaking industry, Petroleum industry, etc. Our Quartz are required as abrasive, foundry sand, and for making Gemstones. Quartz that we offer are available in precise composition. We are considered as trustworthy Exporter and Supplier of Quartz Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Minimum Order Quantity : 15 tonnes


Quartzite is the result of millions of years of seashells and bones of sea creature settling as settlement on an ocean floor (hence it is called a sedimentary stone). The calcium in the bones and shells combines with Carbon Dioxide in the water to from calcium carbonate, which is the basis mineral structure of all limestone, quartzite. Less than 3% of the stone is the color which is simply other natural element present when the stone formed (i.e. Iron deposits give you a red brown)